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one hour, 600

one and a half hours, 700

two hours, 800

three hours, 1200


gourmet and longer options
dinner date, 1600
whole evening, 2000

dawn to dusk, 2800

full day, 3800

weekend, starting at 6000

In depth

My dinner date option (4h) is made to please the gourmet that we are! We either can go out to discover a new fine restaurant's tasting menu to start (or end) our evening on a high note, or order an outrageous amount of sushi and sake and stay comfortable in our hotel room. Both options to go out or stay in are offered, mention your preference and suggestions when booking.

My whole evening package (6h) is made to spend some time in private, to go see, for instance, a ballet or a jazz concert, have dinner and spend some more time in private, in any order you like. Social time outside of our hotel room and a substantial meal are essentials and must be planned. 


From dawn to dusk (10h) is to be spent together during the daytime (mostly), where start and end times will be decided depending on the activities and restaurants we want to try! Let's get creative.


I do not do overnights, but a full day (24h), in or out of town, is perfect for a day filled with private moments, decadent food and lots of activities (going to a spa, or trying a new Via Ferrata trail maybe?) completed with a restful night without time constraints. 


Gourmet and longer options all include a meal, or many, so some suggestions are in order. The list below contains restaurants I have visited, sometimes often, or never! Ask me which one I have never tried so we can discover a new place together. 


Le Mousso, Toqué, Maison Boulud, Graziella, Moishes, Le Violon, Bouillon Bilk, Monarque, Nora Gray, Jun I, Candide, Dominion, Damas, Miracolo, Ritz-Carlton (afternoon tea), Île de France (Le 9ème), Bar à Cocktails Le French Line



Arvi (Qc), Tanière3 (Qc), Chez Boulay (Qc), Melba (Qc), Riviera (Ott), Supply and Demand (Ott), Leroy Saito Le Squer (To), Enoteca Sociale (To), Giulietta (To), St. Lawrence (Van), Carlino (Van), Published on Main (Van), Botanist (Van)

Fly me to you

I’m always ready to travel to any big city in Canada, Europe or the Caribbean on invitation. If visiting Montreal is not part of your plans, flying me to you (or inviting me to travel with you) is the best way to meet since I do not tour often! My flexible schedule allows me to travel almost whenever I want to with sufficient notice.

Don't know where to begin? I am extensively accustomed to travelling with gentlemen and will happily guide you step by step to make sure everything goes smoothly until our last goodbye kiss on the tarmac. Start by sending me a proper presentation of yourself and all the details of the trip you have in mind — when? where? why? how long? — and let me introduce you to an addictive adventure…

Flat rates are offered for closer destinations only, inquire about longer dates for a bespoke rate. For other destinations than those listed, you must cover my travel expenses and accommodation, and a personalized rate will be given. A copy of your hotel reservation and a deposit are required.

quebec and ottawa 

6 hours, daytime 2600 or evening 2900


10 hours (daytime), 3800

west coast and prairies 

10 hours (daytime), 4300

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