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I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. I used to overwhelm you with words because I’m a romantic and writing is a perfect creative outlet to show my colors! But too many words are very unnecessary, all you need is just enough to inspire your imagination to go wild.


I’m a (young) lady in her (late) thirties, natural, accessible and funny. A description that I would say is an authentic depiction of reality—that is hard to see through my serious writing style! I’m absolutely trying to put the unattainable countenance away, but meeting me is the greatest way to see how my smile is contagious, and humour subtle, and skin smooth… I treat my body with the utmost respect so your hands will feel spoiled rotten when being curious! I must add that I am make-up-free, keep my nails natural and short, and even if you ask me not to, heels will be worn and legs emphasized.


With you, I am easygoing and dramatically sensual as you may have heard me say before, and I stand by that! I prefer a slow-paced moment mixed with spontaneity, and to let our energy guide us. Nothing I offer is rushed, unless we are late for dinner…


With that said, connecting with gentlemen over thirty comes more naturally to me. The conversational easiness, the intellectual level of seduction and the fluent demonstration of desire, which all come with experience, are what my appetite is drawn to.

Speaking of appetite, it’s ridiculously easy to seduce me with dinner at my favourite Italian! I love a good meal, a flavorful evening with lots of food and different tastes (and wine). My mouth is sensitive to all delicacies. I close my eyes when I eat delicious food, savouring with a smile, just like when I pose my lips on your virility, enjoying a full bite…


Reservation for two?


[tɑ̃] / Masculin invariable
Time, a silent conspirator, guarding

the secrets woven between seconds.

one hour, 500

one and half hours, 600

two hours, 700

dinner date, 1500

overnight, 3000

full day, 5000

weekend, starting at 10,000

I have tons of restaurant suggestions for the gourmet that we are. Click here to see them.

Should you wish to bring a bottle of wine for us to share, which you are more than welcome to do, dry, mineral white wines, and brut or extra-brut Champagne or sparkling wines are a preference. I have a penchant for full or medium-bodied red wines, for when I enjoy a scrumptious meal at dinner. 





Maison Boulud

Nacarat, for the best Manhattans

Rosélys or Ritz-Carlton, afternoon tea
My favourite Italian is not on the list for privacy reasons, just mention your interest when contacting me! 

Discovering restaurants, romantic cafés, picturesque roads and calm beaches in this part of the world is what I live for! I want to have all the extravagant experiences, all the hot-air balloon rides! Wine-tasting tours in France, pasta in Italy, cafés in Paris, beaches in Corsica, Christmas markets in Vienna are all on my list. Some are to do for the first time, and some are to repeat over and over!

Sunny destinations.

Tropical destinations in the Caribbean are also on the list, a short séjour in a resort is an ideal mood enhancer. Endless margaritas under the sun work like magic when the winter months come! 


Don't know where to begin? I am extensively accustomed to travelling with gentlemen and I will happily guide you step by step to make sure everything goes smoothly until our last goodbye kiss on the tarmac. Start by sending me a proper presentation of yourself and all the details of the trip you have in mind – when? where? why? how long? and let me introduce you to an addictive adventure...

P.S. I have to admit that I'd love to discover more about my country, from the Maritimes provinces to the hot springs in the Rockies, to the Via Ferrata and the wide selection of ski areas in Canada, we would have plans for years! (Yes, I am a skier!)



Tanière, comptoir-chef



Gitanes, for the onion soup



Enoteca Sociale, Chef's Table




St. Lawrence

Published on Main


Nelson the Seagull, the cutest café I know



I solely visit hotels in the Montreal downtown area and surroundings. I do not go to private residences. A deposit is required. Please, mention the name and address of your hotel in your inquiry.

Incall (+100$)

Available for 1 to 2-hour sessions only. I host in a private condo close to downtown Montreal. A shower, robe and clean towels are provided for your comfort. Kindly add 100$ to the envelope. 

Deposit required for outcall 

A non-refundable 100$ deposit is required to confirm an outcall booking. Instructions on how to use my Wishtender or to send a gift card will be given.

Methods of screening accepted
• Recent reference(s) from reputable courtesan(s)

• A selfie of you holding your driver's licence

Message envoyé, merci!
Message sent, thank you!

I am available most days with sufficient advance notice. Same-day appointments are possible and more likely from Thursday to Sunday.

I personally reply within 24 hours. Check your spam if you don't see a message from me!


Twitter: @gisellemontreal

Wishtender: gisellemontreal

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